HD Laser Center - Allen

Designed by a highly-experienced team of doctors and engineers, the HD Laser Center has been successfully treating athletes, back pain and arthritis for 8 years. At the Allen center, we treat clients on a daily basis, and are continually working to improve the methods and protocols for various conditions.

Clients will be asked to wear provided protective glasses in order to protect eyes from the high energy beam. When used properly, the HD Laser™ poses no known risks, and is FDA Cleared.

If you are pregnant, are trying to become pregnant, or have active cancer, please consult the physician before undergoing high power laser therapy.

To schedule an appointment at HD Laser Center to dramatically reduce your pain, or to request more information, please call our center at 214.535.7787.

HD Laser Treatment


Back Pain

"I also have a degenerative back problem. My disks are collapsing with age and abuse over the years. I also have damage in my upper back with a couple of bulging disks, but not herniated...My pain, over the last 3 years, has been debilitating to the point at times I could not go to work. In order to seek relief, that pain medications would not touch, I have tried every option which I could find including chiropractic care by at least three D.C.’s and an Asian acupuncturist in Dallas which mask my pain but did not remove the symptoms...After three treatments [at HD Laser Center], he has made me virtually pain free. As the cold front came through today, I am at a 1 on a 1-10 scale. With my history of being a 5 when a front came through, I consider this a success."
Frank from TX

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