The HD Laser Center is the home of the HD Laser™, a patented proprietary wavelength of light energy to efficiently treat deep tissue pain. This revolutionary technology allows a patient experiencing chronic muscle pain or fatigue to feel relief quickly. The high power of the HD Laser™ exceeds the power of the conventional “cold laser,” and allows healing energy to penetrate deeper and reach a greater volume of affected tissue. The result is shortened treatment time and prompt improvement in pain.

The HD Laser™ has successfully provided relief for patients suffering from muscle and joint pain, muscle spasms and stiffness resulting from arthritis. Among many others, some notable treatable conditions* are:

With a variety of conditions successfully treated, the HD Laser™ technology is being licensed to qualifying clinics and physicians across the nation. If you are a physician or represent a clinic and would like to learn more about licensing the HD Laser™ technology, please click here to learn more about the most powerful therapeutic laser in the nation.

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Back Pain and Arthritis

"I am so thankful for HD Laser therapy because it has given me relief from severe pain in my ankle and back. Due to breaking my ankle in 1981, I have developed extreme arthritis in my right ankle. I no longer dread standing from a sitting position as the pain is so much less and many times nonexistent. I can walk on slanted surfaces now where I could not do that prior to these treatments. I also have degenerative disc and vertebrae back problems along with sciatica. Chiropractic care did not seem to help, but the HD Laser therapy has given me welcome relief. Several of my friends have commented that I seem to be moving around more easily since starting the HD Laser treatments."
Shirley from TX

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