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Laser Therapy Studies

These are independent, unbiased studies and were not conducted with HD Laser™ equipment. They are provided to show the general potential effectiveness of laser therapy in biologic tissue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is high level laser therapy?
A: High level laser therapy is the use of a high energy beam of coherent light to safely stimulate cellular metabolism, maximize cell function, and speed healing.

Q: How does it work?
A: The HD Laser™ supplies deep penetrating infrared light energy that your cells convert to metabolic energy, which is subsequently used to support vital cell functions.

Q: Is there any pain or side effects associated with high level laser therapy?
A: High level laser therapy is painless and to date no adverse side effects have been reported. Protective glasses must be worn to protect sensitive eye structures from the powerful beam. The most common effect is a gentle warming sensation.

Q: What results should I anticipate?
A: The HD Laser™ has proven itself in the treatment of acute (athletic) injuries as well as for pain related to chronic conditions. Initial benefits are generally appreciated within the first three treatments.

Q: Does insurance cover it?
A: HSA and Flex Spending accounts may be used to cover therapeutic laser treatment, however insurance companies may not currently cover HD Laser therapy. Since many insurance plans do not cover high energy laser therapy, we keep our prices reasonable and refuse to accept payment if treatment doesn’t work for you. Call our office for details: 214.535.7787.

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Athletic Conditioning

"I was introduced to the HD Laser Center during my training for an Ironman. I could feel the difference just after one treatment. I went to the center on Friday before a 50 mile bike ride Saturday. After the ride, the only two areas [the doctor] didn't laser, low back and calves, were sore. I received another conditioning treatment on Saturday in preparation for my Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday. On race day, my muscles were packed with energy and I pushed myself to the max, placing 3rd in my age group and setting my own [personal record]. I don't believe I would have done so well on race day if it wasn't for the laser treatment. I was still feeling the effects of the laser a week later as I powered up the hills!"
- Lisa from Allen, TX

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