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The foundation of the HD Laser™ is rooted in decades of research studies and medical forums from every continent of the World. It is a well studied fact that infrared light improves healing and cellular function in mammals. What is unique about the HD Laser™ technology is that it maximizes how efficiently the healing light is delivered to painful target tissue.

With the longest wavelength in the therapeutic laser industry, more healing light actually reaches the damaged tissue because absorption in the skin and blood is greatly reduced. This method, while simple, is so critical that it is protected by two patents. Additional patents pending will protect many aspects of the laser device and the positive effect on various diseases.

Designed with 20,000 mWatts of available power, the HD Laser™ is the most powerful therapeutic laser known - very effective in reaching through thick muscles in the legs and back. Effective yet extremely safe, the HD Laser™ was designed by a team of engineers with multiple safety interlocks and its own calibration chamber. Other lasers may not have been calibrated for a year – the HD Laser™ is exactly calibrated each time a patient is treated.

The large treatment beam allows over 16 square centimeters to be treated at once – speeding treatment times without sacrificing healing energy at the painful joint or muscle site. Through years of research we have designed specific protocols for treatment to precisely address injured or diseased tissue.

This revolutionary new device sets a new standard for high energy therapeutic medicine. Get to know the healing light of HD Laser™ by calling the Center today. Or, view our frequently asked questions for more information.

The HD Laser™ is FDA Cleared for temporary relief of muscle and joint pain, muscle spasm, and stiffness associated with arthritis; improving circulation; and relaxation of muscle tissue.

The HD Laser™ is ideal for the following medical specialties:

If you are a physician or represent a clinic and would like to learn more about licensing the HD Laser technology, please call our offices at 214.535.7787 and request to speak with our HD Laser™ Licensing Specialist, or contact us via web form.

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